Steven Cruise

UK [United Kingdom]

Hey There;
I’m Steven, a 38 year old male looking for female with GSOH … wait this isn’t that kind of bio!!
I love coca cola, the daylight and Volkswagen Golfs. I’ve been a radio presenter for about 5 minutes, and I love it!!
Its so much fun to be able to entertain everyone from a distance, especially since Covid!
On a more serious note, I’m the proud owner and run a wedding and party entertainment service, providing DJs, Photobooths and all the awesome stuff you need to make your party memorable – I’ve been doing this for about 23 years (Yep, I hear ya, I’m not old enough, I assure you, I am!) I own a grumpy cat called Simba that my fabulous aussie partner taught to sit and jump up like a dog for a treat. He follows me around as if he’s a dog too.
You can expect my radio sessions to include some friendly banter, some accents (sometimes good, sometimes bad!) and some awesome tunes; the cat will be by my feet in the broadcast suite.
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